Leasing Options

Equipment Packages and Leasing Options

To avoid the need for an up-front capital outlay or equipment budget, the hardware and equipment package for the AccuBoost Technique (for the US market) is made available via a user-friendly lease option. Several all-inclusive lease options are available that can be customized to each facility’s needs.

 AccuBoost Standard Turn-key Equipment Package

For facilities that already own an Ir-192 HDR afterloader, this leasing package provides all the equipment that is needed to offer the AccuBoost Technique.

AccuBoost Digital Turn-key Equipment Package

For facilities that already own an Ir-192 afterloader and are seeking the convenience and speed of  digital mammography or have limited floorspace , we offer the AccuBoost Digital option. In this package, the CR unit is no longer needed as images are available instantaneously from the imaging unit.

AccuBoost with Afterloader

For those radiation oncology facilities that do not have an Ir-192 HDR afterloader, AccuBoost offers a complete equipment lease including an afterloader with a configuration ideally suited for delivery of the AccuBoost Technique.

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“AccuBoost has made a day and night difference in revitalizing our brachytherapy offering. Since the launch of AccuBoost, we have seen a significant increase in HDR source utilization.”

Renee Shank, BS RTT

Mary Washington Hospital