Spare Healthy Tissue

Combine shielded tungsten applicators and a 4-field box for a conformal brachytherapy dose.

Flexible APBI Treatment Schedules

5 or 10-day options: 72.5% of patients opted for 10-day APBI* *The Rationale

Treat the breast
spare the heart.

The AccuBoost Technique for boost, minimizes radiation exposure to patients’ heart, and lungs.

The AccuBoost Approach

Daily real-time imaging; localize and treat targeted tissue in an immobilized breast.

“Reflecting back on more than 200 patients that I have treated, I am confident that AccuBoost has been the best option for my breast cancer patients.”

– Scott Ackerman, MD

Ackerman Cancer Center Jacksonville, FL

“I am very excited as I like the lower skin dose and the associated lower toxicity of AccuBoost.”

– Sandra Sha, MD

Central Florida Cancer Institute

“By using a machine that combines breast imaging to guide the radiation directly to the tumor, we are able to avoid the surrounding healthy tissue, including the heart, lungs and chest wall.”

“AccuBoost® allows us to pinpoint the radiation delivery more precisely than ever before.”

– Anand Kuruvilla, MD

Ackerman Cancer Center Palatka, FL

“The AccuBoost dose delivered in this process is uniform, homogeneous and is accurately targeted to the breast tissue which, if left untreated, is the most likely site for cancer recurrence.”

– Rashmi Benda, MD

Boca Raton Regional Hospital  Boca Raton, FL

“Targeting the partial breast dose has presented a clinical challenge to radiation oncologists. With AccuBoost, we clearly define the target volume prior to each fraction. We now have the utmost confidence that we are treating exactly where we need to be.”

– David E. Wazer, MD

Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI

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