AccuBoost for Patients

Why is AccuBoost right for you?


The vital role of radiation therapy  to maximize cancer-free survival for the women who choose breast conservation therapy (BCT), is well known. The most important step for early stage cancer patients who qualify for BCT is to seek the advice of their physicians to choose a radiation oncology center and radiation delivery system that are capable of targeting the dose consistently, reliably and reproducibly.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) is designed to take the guess work out of “daily patient positioning” and “dose targeting” for the boost phase of the procedure. By using real-time image guided radiation therapy, your clinician is able to use the AccuBoost Applicators to simply and accurately target the dose. Furthermore, by using the same platform for imaging (by IGRT) and applicator positioning and radiation delivery, your radiation oncologist targets the dose precisely to where it needs to go while it minimizes the side effects of radiation.

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