About us

Advanced Radiation Therapy was founded by Dr. Piran Sioshansi and Raymond Bricault in 2005 when it was brought to their attention that traditional breast conservation therapy methods were falling short, as concluded in a landmark paper authored by Dr. Rashmi Benda. Working with some of the best minds in Radiation Oncology, 3 pillars of design were laid out for the success of AccuBoost:

1.      Eliminate excess dose to the skin, chestwall, heart and lung dose

2.      Minimize the total amount of tissue exposed to radiation

3.      Completely non-invasive

The AccuBoost team is dedicated exclusively to breast conservation therapy (BCT). We are a team of Scientists, Engineers, Care Givers and Supports who strive to deliver the best care possible for women afflicted with early stage breast cancer. Advanced Radiation Therapy based outside of Boston, MA allowing access to the best minds in healthcare.