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Real-time Mammography-guided Adaptive Breast Brachytherapy
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Confidence in every fraction.

Adaptive Imaging Platform with Integrated Motion Management

Evolution in Breast Radiotherapy

Meet PreciseRT.

PreciseRT leverages the best technology in diagnosing breast cancer and brings that to the delivery of radiation therapy.

  • Integrated Motion Management
  • High-Resolution Imaging
  • Simplified Workflow
  • Adaptive Breast Brachytherapy
preciseRT-breast bracytherapy

The PreciseRT Advantage

Advanced Imaging Platform

High-contrast real-time imaging leverages the gold-standard in breast diagnostics to help users confirm the treatments hit the target every time

Adaptive Treatment

Immobilization, imaging and irradiation of the breast all on one platform allows you to adapt your treatment with each fraction

Integrated Motion Management

Gentle breast immobilization with the patient in a seated position minimizes intrafraction respiratory motion 

Healthy Tissue Sparing

With PreciseRT, patients are seated upright which allows for gravity and their natural anatomy to move the target away from the chest wall, heart and lungs. This process lowers the associated dose to those organs.

Outcome Focused

  • 4-field box technique
  • Low skin dose/toxicity
  • Excellent cosmesis
  • Non-Invasive Therapy

Broad Range Application

  • Standard Presentation
  • Pendulous Breasts
  • Sub- and Peri-Areolar Target
  • Compatible with Oncoplasty
  • Broad Marker Compatibility
  • APBI
  • Boost

The Elegance of Simplicity

Immobilize, image, and irradiate all on one platform.

Clarity. Precision. Confidence.

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“…excellent clinical results…”

“Having seen excellent clinical results in our use of NIBB for over a decade, we wanted to add the capabilities and benefits that PreciseRT offers to our patients.”

Sandra Sha, MD

Radiation Oncologist, Central Florida Cancer Institute (CFCI)


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