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What do Bothwell Regional Health Center in Sedalia, MO and Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar, MN have in common? It turns out that the former is about a hundred miles east of Kansas City and the latter, about the same distance west of Minneapolis – major metropolitan centers. Both hospitals, located in idyllic rural communities, strive to make the latest/best technologies available to their patients; both had considered HDR brachytherapy offering in the past, and both had decided against it as it was not deemed to be gainfully utilized and was not financially feasible.

HDR Afterloaders

Various HDR Afterloaders

For these facilities, AccuBoost offers a one-step, one-stop turnkey solution that includes the HDR afterloader.  The combined AccuBoost and HDR equipment is provided on a user-friendly “fee-for-use” revenue model, with no upfront cost.  Empowered with the option to pay for the process based on patient-generated revenue, Bothwell and Willmar facilities chose to embark on a brachytherapy offering, and both are among the latest additions to the AccuBoost family of users.