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King Abdullah University Hospital Acquires state-of-the-art Breast Cancer Therapy Technology

Aug 15, 2022

Photo of doctors with AccuBoost technology centered.(August 2022) Advanced Radiation Therapy (ART), manufacturer of the AccuBoost® technology for image-guided radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer, is pleased to announce that it has installed and implemented its AccuBoost technology at King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) in Irbid, Jordan. This was made possible under the guidance of Dr. Muhammad Al-Alghazo the CEO of the hospital. KAUH is the first hospital in Jordan to offer this latest innovation in radiotherapy of breast cancer to women who opt for breast conservation therapy (BCT). The facility successfully treated its first patients in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Implementation of the AccuBoost Technology at KAUH’s beautiful new facility. “We believe that the women of Jordan deserve access to this highly accurate and precise radiation technology. Accuracy in targeting the dose is required to prevent recurrence” stated Dr. Piran Sioshansi, Chairman of ART.

“The precision of AccuBoost allows for much less toxicity and the best cosmetic outcome, while minimizing exposure to the heart and lungs of the patient” adds Dr. Imad Jaradat, consulting radiation oncologist for KAUH and regional Expert on brachytherapy.

“King Abdullah University Hospital is showcasing the latest and best technologies in radiation oncology for cancer patients in North Jordan,” stated Farag Tahboub , CEO of Tadawi Medical Supplies Est, in concert with Ayman Al A’amer, the facilitator of the purchase.

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