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Adaptive Breast Brachytherapy Treatment, Florida Cancer Center Upgrades to PreciseRT

Aug 21, 2020

radiation therapist- Sandra ShaAdvanced Radiation Therapy has completed the installation of PreciseRT™ at the Central Florida Cancer Institute (CFCI). This innovation in breast brachytherapy leverages the superior resolution of digital mammography for the delivery of breast radiation therapy. Along with improvements to treatment workflow, PreciseRT delivers images in real-time with unparalleled clarity. This provides clinical treatment teams with excellent imaging for precise target localization, maximizing the sparing of healthy tissues and organs from undesired radiation. The clinical team at CFCI has over a decade of experience in offering the AccuBoost treatment on the first-generation platform and has seen excellent clinical results. CFCI has acquired the newest upgrade, PreciseRT, breast brachytherapy solution with the goal of improving the treatment workflow, reducing treatment time, improving the patient experience, and to benefit from the updated user interface.

Dr. Sandra Sha (pictured), a distinguished physician as recognized by the Florida Medical Association, specializing in breast cancer treatment, commented, “Our purchase of the PreciseRT solution is the latest technology update we have added to bring the most advanced breast cancer treatment technologies to the women of Central Florida. Having seen excellent clinical results in our use of the AccuBoost technique for over a decade, we wanted to add the capabilities and benefits this new release offers to our patients.”

Lead therapist and long time AccuBoost user, Michele Jolly, added, “After only a couple days of use, the advantages of the new low profile design have already been realized. Patient setup, particularly for heavier patients, is much easier, and the revised patient flow is very efficient.”


About Central Florida Cancer Institute

The Central Florida Cancer Institute was founded in the year 2000. Two offices, located in Davenport and Lake Wales, offer radiation oncology and general urology services. The medical staff consists of radiation oncologists, a radiologist, and urologists providing a multi-disciplinary approach in treating and caring for patients. The center, designed and managed by Dr. Randy Heysek, is staffed with trained medical, clerical and administrative personnel, who are dedicated to the treatment of cancer patients. Dr. Sandra Sha, a regionally recognized expert in breast cancer therapy, leads the breast cancer treatment advances at these facilities. Each center offers state-of-the-art technology. CFCI provides complete cancer care close to home.


For more information on Central Florida Cancer Center, visit www.cfcancerinst.com, or call 863-419-0692 to contact Dr. Sha or Dr. Heysek.


About Advanced Radiation Therapy (ART) 

Advanced Radiation Therapy, headquartered outside of Boston, MA, is an innovator in precision radiation therapy for breast cancer and developed the AccuBoost technology, the only non-invasive breast brachytherapy treatment.

PreciseRT™ is a unique adaptive therapy which, unlike most breast radiation therapies, gently immobilizes the breast throughout imaging, targeting and treatment to facilitate treating the minimum amount of breast tissue with maximum confidence in precise targeting.

Clarity. Precision. Confidence.



For more information on PreciseRT™,  contact Bill Dowd. (Bill.Dowd@artcorporation.net, 978-649-0007)


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