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Advanced Radiation Therapy Announces AccuBoost Digital Installation

Jun 23, 2020

advanced radiation therapy, AccuBoost treatmentJune 23, 2020 – Advanced Radiation Therapy has completed the first AccuBoost® Digital installation at Rhode Island Hospital (RIH). This state-of-the-art platform provides patients with new advances in radiation therapy and leverages the superior resolution of digital mammography in the delivery of breast radiation therapy. The instantaneous image acquisition of the digital design reduces the treatment time and improves patient workflow.

The AccuBoost treatment was developed for women choosing to retain their breast through a treatment course known as Breast Conserving Therapy (BCT). The clinical team at RIH has over a decade of experience in offering the AccuBoost treatment on the first generation platform with excellent clinical results. RIH has acquired the new digital solution to improve the treatment workflow, patient experience, and benefit from the updated user interface. This upgraded platform is the ultimate option for women with early-stage breast cancer.

“AccuBoost® Digital takes adaptive brachytherapy to the next level and truly delivers a personalized daily treatment for every patient,” stated Adam Brandow, Vice President of Technology of Advanced Radiation Therapy.

He added, “Whether for the Boost portion of XBRT or for APBI, the streamlined workflow improves both the physician and patient experience. This unique technology enables an adaptive treatment with advanced targeting capability for the radiation oncologist to identify the target tissue at risk and deliver a conformal radiation treatment while minimizing stray radiation to neighboring organs such as the heart and lungs.”


About Advanced Radiation Therapy (ART) 

Advanced Radiation Therapy, headquartered outside of Boston, MA, is an innovator in precision radiation therapy for breast cancer and developed the AccuBoost technology, the only non-invasive breast brachytherapy treatment.

AccuBoost® is a unique adaptive therapy which, unlike most breast radiation therapies, gently immobilizes the breast throughout imaging, targeting, and treatment. This immobilization minimizes potential uncertainties in targeting.  AccuBoost® – “See what you treat, treat what you see.”


For more information on AccuBoost®, visit www.AccuBoost.com or contact Mike Mooney. (Mike.Mooney@AccuBoost.com, 978-649-0007)


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