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Breast Cancer Doctor in FloridaDr. Scot Ackerman, M.D.,

AccuBoost user since 2008

Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville Florida

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Jacksonville, Florida 32223

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AccuBoost would like to commend Scot Ackerman, M.D., for his continual support of outreach and education in the Jacksonville community. Dr. Ackerman has made it his personal mission to promote cancer awareness and empower the community to take action in their healthcare decisions. Through community speaking engagements, online videos and weekly television segments, Dr. Ackerman strives to provide invaluable health information for thousands of viewers and their families.

Along with his community outreach efforts, Dr. Ackerman is a strong supporter of AccuBoost technology. He was one of the first physicians in the country to incorporate the AccuBoost image-guided breast brachytherapy into his practice.

Visit Dr. Ackerman’s YouTube page to view all of his videos: www.youtube.com/user/drackerman11/videos

breast cancer doctor in Jacksonville FL

Dr. Ackerman on First Coast Living

About Dr. Ackerman

Scot Ackerman, M.D., board-certified in Radiation Oncology, is the Medical Director of First Coast Oncology, which provides radiation therapy at three facilities across Northeast Florida. Dr. Ackerman has also served as the Chief of Radiation Oncology at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where one of First Coast Oncology’s facilities is located.

Among his professional memberships are the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology and the Radiological Society of North America. Committed to the community, he is past president of the Jacksonville Jewish Federation and is a member of St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s Foundation Board.

Dr. Ackerman earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University, and completed his residency in radiation oncology at Columbia University in New York City.

Dr. Ackerman on Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment, AccuBoost:

“The benefits of the AccuBoost Technique are two-fold. From a clinical perspective, it allows us to deliver an extremely accurate boost dose of radiation to the lumpectomy site. The second benefit is for our patients; they experience fewer side effects and have better cosmesis when compared to traditional external beam radiation.