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In recent years, with mergers in the radiation therapy market, the support for brachytherapy and initiatives to promote the HDR business has been on the decline. Since the acquisition of Nucletron, the marketplace lacks a company solely dedicated to HDR sales, and as a result, the brachytherapy market faces significant challenges.

AccuBoost-DigitalIn this environment, it is interesting to witness that the AccuBoost procedure, with HDR afterloader as a pre-requisite, is a prime driver in the HDR market.  A survey conducted recently identifies AccuBoost as the “number one” contributor to HDR sales and a positive influence for the livelihood and the growth of HDR orders.

AccuBoost relies on a flexible lease option for the HDR. For those facilities that are concerned with an outlay of capital or other budgetary restrictions, AccuBoost offers a stand-alone package that includes the HDR as part of a turn-key solution – all at no upfront expense. Similarly, the argument applies to the sites that are concerned about the upkeep and utilization of the HDR equipment.  AccuBoost increases HDR usage and often revives the brachytherapy offering.  The same arguments apply to international markets.

Don’t have an HDR afterloader but your cancer center is looking to start a brachytherapy program? Learn about our one-stop turnkey brachytherapy solution.

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