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David Wazer, MD

Radiotherapy prior to surgery is not uncommon in radiation oncology. However, this approach has not been fully explored for breast. Investigators in the

US and Europe, have recently started exploring this option. The main advantage of preoperative radiotherapy is a well delineated, yet substantially smaller target. Recent articles demonstrate that the preoperative target for radiotherapy is significantly smaller than its post-operative equivalent.

Literature on breast radiation therapy is replete with references to lower toxicity and improved cosmetics associated with smaller treatment volumes. Based on the promise of accurate dose targeting and the anticipated superior cosmetic outcome, AccuBoost hosted a Working- Group session just prior to the 2016 ASTRO Annual meeting in September. Many opinion leaders from the US and  Europe, some with recent publications and data on the subject, attended this meeting. David Wazer, MD, the Chair a AccuBoost’s Medical Advisory Board, lead the session.

A Preop Working-Group has been formed and is developing appropriate protocols to initiate a formal multi-institutional study. Although many radiotherapy options are available/amenable to the preoperative design, the unique features of AccuBoost, namely real-time mammography image guidance and conformal dose, are key advantages to the preoperative approach.

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