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AccuBoost for Boost

AccuBoost for Boost Dose of Whole Breast Irradiation (WBI)

With traditional WBI boost, often the breast is imaged only once or twice via CT to establish the target and treatment plan for the entire course of therapy. With typical en-face or photon boost, neither the breast nor the patient is immobilized leading to potential targeting uncertainties. When the AccuBoost Technique is used to deliver the Boost dose, the breast is imaged each and every day and treatment is based on the target within the breast as seen in that image, providing confidence that the treatment is being delivered to the desired target.

The Features of AccuBoost for Boost


Accurate Targeting

Immobilizing the breast in this non-invasive approach, allows the radiation oncologist to identify the target with high confidence. Using daily mammographic images provides excellent visualization of the target within the breast for dose delivery and does not rely on external landmarks or special patient setup techniques like breath gate and hold.

Sparing Dose To Healthy Tissues

Rather than delivering radiation directed at the chest wall as in a traditional en-face electron Boost, the dose is delivered parallel to the chest wall.  When this is combined with breast immobilization, shielded tungsten applicators and a 4-field box approach, the dose of radiation to healthy tissues and organs like the heart, lungs, skin and chest wall are reduced. Published reports indicate a substantially smaller PTV for patients with the AccuBoost Technique as compared to electrons as well as reduced dose to other structures.4

Planned dose distribution from Accuboost

Same patient- dose distribution from Electron Boost

Low Toxicity and Excellent Cosmesis

Published multicenter clinical reports indicate very high rates of Good/Excellent Cosmesis and low toxicity.5,6,8 The combination of multi-axis tangential dose delivery, multiple sizes, and shapes of shielded applicators and a 4-field technique allow the radiation oncologist to adapt the treatment to each patient’s clinical presentation.

Schedule Flexibility

Depending on clinic schedules, staffing and radiation oncologist preference, the Boost dose via the AccuBoost Technique could be delivered before, during or after WBI therapy.

“The benefit [of AccuBoost] is that we can assure the accuracy of boost dose on a daily basis. The daily procedure takes about 20-25 minutes.”

Douglas Arthur, M.D.

Massey Cancer Center at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center