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AccuBoost Reimbursement Codes

Image-guided radiation therapy and HDR brachytherapy procedures are routine treatment options for breast irradiation. For the US market, CMS has declared AccuBoost as a recognized brachytherapy procedure. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and descriptive terms provide general information for the services and procedures performed by physicians and medical physicists when the AccuBoost Technique is offered.

The following information is for reference only and does not guarantee coverage or payment. Because coverage decisions vary across payers, healthcare providers should supply evidence that a treatment option is appropriate for the specified clinical condition. The commercial payers and CMS apply their own interpretation relating to coverage for devices and related hospital and physician services.

Advanced Radiation Therapy has received coding guidelines from firms skilled in such reviews to help hospitals and physicians to apply for appropriate coverage when AccuBoost Technique is offered.


View the following chart for a summary of potentially appropriate CPT codes or click the link below to download a Coding Guide.

CPT Codes

CPT CodeCode Description
Treatment Planning
77014CT for treatment planning (optional)
77263Therapeutic radiology treatment planning, complex
77290Simulation, complex
77370Special medical physics consult
77470Special treatment procedure
Brachytherapy Delivery
77317Brachytherapy Isodose Planning (2-12 channels)
77332Treatment device, simple
77336Weekly medical physics consult
77280Simulation, simple
19499Unlisted Breast Procedure (application of catheter) Paid by report
77290Simulation, complex
77771Remote Afterloading HDR
C1717Radiation source (lr-192)
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