Leasing Options

Equipment Packages and Leasing Options

To avoid the need for an up-front capital outlay or equipment budget, the hardware and equipment package for the AccuBoost Technique (for the US market) is made available via a user-friendly lease option. Several all-inclusive lease options are available that can be customized to each facility’s needs.

Turn-key AccuBoost Equipment Package

For facilities that already own an Ir-192 HDR afterloader, this leasing package provides all the equipment that is needed to offer the AccuBoost Technique.

Turn-key AccuBoost Equipment Package with Afterloader

For those radiation oncology facilities that do not have an Ir-192 HDR afterloader, AccuBoost offers a complete equipment lease including an afterloader with a configuration ideally suited for delivery of the AccuBoost Technique.

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“AccuBoost has made a day and night difference in revitalizing our brachytherapy offering. Since the launch of AccuBoost, we have seen a significant increase in HDR source utilization.”

Renee Shank, BS RTT

Mary Washington Hospital