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AccuBoost Hardware

AccuBoost Hardware and Equipment

To best match the needs of our users, AccuBoost offers both a standard and digital mammography based set of equipment options.  With the AccuBoost standard package, the AccuBoost Technique relies on mammography x-rays for targeting, Computed Radiography (CR) for displaying the images produced, shielded applicators for forming collimated beams and positioning accessories to position the radiation field with respect to the tumor bed. With the AccuBoost Digital package, the  Computed Radiography (CR) imager is eliminated as the images are produced directly from the Digital Mammography system itself.

To deliver Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy, or NIBB, (as the AccuBoost Technique is referred to in published literature) there is a need for Shielded Applicators as well as a means to position them with respect to the breast.


AccuBoost Standard Equipment

AccuBoost Digital Equipment

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