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What is the AccuBoost Technique?

What Is The AccuBoost Technique?

The AccuBoost Technique is a unique and innovative approach for breast radiation therapy. To provide the doctor as much control as possible in the targeting of the radiation, the breast is immobilized. This allows the doctor to deliver a conformal treatment, meaning that the radiation field is localized, as much as possible, to the site of the original cancer and a “rim” of tissue around it.  Several fields of radiation are delivered “parallel” to the chest wall from shielded tungsten applicators.  The tungsten shielding reduces exposure in directions not desired but allows delivery of full intensity to the target.

In the AccuBoost Technique, the full radiation dose accumulates in the target tissue where these fields overlap /intersect (see graphic) while sparing the dose to the surrounding tissue.  By combining the features of these shielded applicators and the multiple fields, the radiation dose to healthy tissues such as the heart, lungs, and skin is minimized. Additionally, the combination of breast immobilization, mammographic imaging, and radiation shielding give rise to other advantages such as excellent targeting, confidence in positioning and reduction in the amount of tissue being treated.

“The AccuBoost was a much more positive treatment than the previous treatment I had received. There was no pain involved. There was no burning. There were no side effects.”


Breast Cancer Survivor and AccuBoost Patient