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Features of AccuBoost

Features of The AccuBoost Technique

Whether for tumor bed boost with WBI or for APBI, the AccuBoost Technique is an innovative tool for your radiation oncologist to deliver localized radiation therapy.

Accurate Targeting of the Radiation

Daily real-time mammographic images allow your radiation oncologist the ability to accurately locate the target area with confidence during every treatment session.

Excellent Cosmetics

Patient choose BCT with the goal of preserving the look and feel of the breast. Radiation oncologists that deliver the AccuBoost Technique have shown wonderful results as reported in peer-reviewed Journals.5, 6 

Low Toxicity

A common concern of patients considering radiation therapy is the side-effects of radiation on healthy tissues. The design of the AccuBoost Technique allows the radiation oncologist to minimize radiation to the heart and lungs and substantially reduce dose to the skin. 4, 56

Schedule Flexibility

The AccuBoost Technique allows the treatment schedule to be built around the preference of the patient and the schedule of radiation oncology facility. Boost dose can be delivered prior to, during or after WBI. For APBI, treatment is typically offered on a once-a-day or twice-a-day format over 5 or 10 days.

Non-Invasive Radiation Therapy

No devices will ever be implanted in your breast(s) with the AccuBoost Technique.

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“I chose AccuBoost because it was only treating my breast, not my chest wall and healthy tissues.”

Linda Schuk

1st AccuBoost Patient & 13-Year Breast Cancer Survivor