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10-Year Breast Cancer Survivor In Houston, Texas

10-Year Breast Cancer Survivor: Meet Linda Schuk of Houston, TX.

Linda Schuk is an extremely energetic, fun loving, retired paralegal living in San Antonio, TX. Ten years ago, Linda Schuk was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Her radiation oncologist, Dr. Bradley Prestidge, has always lead the field in new advances in brachytherapy treatments. He was the first to adopt AccuBoost, the world’s first and only, non-invasive breast brachytherapy procedure. Together, Dr. Prestidge and Linda became pioneers as Linda was the first of over 10,000 patients to be treated with this breakthrough technology.

In July of 2017, AccuBoost celebrated 10 years of clinical success stories. For this momentous occasion, we reached out to Linda to discuss her experience and learn how she was doing 10 years after treatment. Talking with Linda, we were reminded that for patients, protecting their healthy tissues and organs during treatment is always a serious concern. When we asked Linda why she chose AccuBoost 10 years ago, she said: “I chose AccuBoost because it was only treating my breast, not my chest wall and healthy tissues.”

When we asked Linda to share what she could, she said “There is something about fighting cancer that stays with you, and you don’t forget. I recall the treatment was not bad at all, although I had prepared myself for worse. I felt privileged to be treated with AccuBoost. My heart goes out to women who don’t have access to this (AccuBoost) technology.”

You can learn more about Linda and see the full Q & A here.


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