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Breast Cancer Support Groups in Virginia

Breast Cancer Support Groups in Virginia



For women undergoing or completed treatment for breast cancer. Open forum format facilitated by a registered nurse and breast cancer survivor. The group provides support, encouragement, sharing of experiences and information with women in similar circumstances. Registration is not required. For more information or questions: Contact the patient services coordinator regional cancer center (540) 741-0611.

Hampton Roads



  • Massey Cancer Center Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation
    • VBCF is headquartered in Richmond, VA and exists thanks to its many generous individual donors and volunteers. VBCF’s mission is the eradication of breast cancer through education of and advocacy for Virginians.  Our goals are to establish the end of breast cancer as a state and national priority, to advocate for the collective needs of people affected by breast cancer, and to educate all Virginians on the facts about breast cancer.


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