With David Wazer, M.D., Medical Advisory Board Chair There has been speculation about the relative utility of the BioZorb marker as an aid in AccuBoost targeting. A few specific cases in recent months have provided evidence that in challenging and hard to reach locations, BioZorb markers unambiguously define the target. […] Read more »

AccuBoost Booster Club Newsletter Issue 31

In this issue: A message from the CEO of Advanced Radiation Therapy, Piran Sioshansi; AccuBoost launch at DePaul Medical Center; AccuBoost for Ex-USA; Update on 5-Fraction APBI Procedure by AccuBoost; Theragenics Initiatives; AccuBoost Reduces Chest-wall Dose; Q&A on the Contribution of AccuBoost for Patients with Pacemakers; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: AccuBoost Lowers Undesired Exposure […] Read more »

Newsletter Issue 31: A picture is worth a thousand words: AccuBoost lowers undesired exposure to the heart and lungs

In explaining the benefits of AccuBoost to patients, there can be no doubt of the validity of the old adage:  “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Based on an AccuBoost user’s request, a visual aid has been developed that shows the conceptual differences between the AccuBoost approach and electron […] Read more »

Newsletter Issue 31: Q&A on The contribution of AccuBoost for patients with pacemakers

With David Wazer, MD,  Medical Advisory Board Chair Patients with pacemakers present a challenge for radiation therapy. The problem is exacerbated for breast cancer patients as the pacemaker is often in or near the radiation field. The contribution and suitability of AccuBoost for this group of patients, as part of […] Read more »

Newsletter Issue 31: Theragenics Initiatives

Starting with this issue, Theragenics Corporation, the sales and distribution partner for AccuBoost, will be reporting on their activities and observations in the marketplace. Frank Tarallo, Chief Executive Officer of Theragenics, reports: “We have now visited many of the AccuBoost user groups. We have been impressed with the enthusiasm, commitment and […] Read more »

Newsletter Issue 31: AccuBoost Launch at DePaul Medical Center

Bradley Prestidge, a thought leader in radiation oncology and noted brachytherapy expert, has recently launched AccuBoost at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, VA. Dr. Prestidge is not only one of our newest users, but also was the first user. He treated the first AccuBoost patient in July 2007 in San […] Read more »