Publication: Partial Breast Irradiation for Boost Using Image-Guided Brachytherapy

Kuruvilla A1*, Paryani S1, Paryani N1, Simmons D1, Shah N1, Caudill J2, Stillword J2 and Sullivan JW3

1First Radiation & Oncology Group, Cancer Center of Putnam, Palatka, Florida, USA 2General Surgery, Putnam Community Medical Center, USA 3Medical Oncology, Cancer Center of Putnam, Palatka, Florida, USA *Corresponding author: Kuruvilla A, Cancer Center of Putnam, 600 Zeagler Drive, Palatka, Florida, USA

Purpose: To evaluate the feasibility of implementing non-invasive, image-guided breast brachytherapy (NIBB) in a community setting.

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