The Treatment Process

Using AccuBoost Applicators


The dose delivered in this process is uniform, homogeneous and is accurately  targeted to the breast tissue which, if left untreated, is the most likely sites for cancer recurrence.

Step-by-Step Diagrams:

Click above to view the video showing how your doctor will deliver your treatment.

Step 1:  Target & Applicator Size Selection

The breast is slightly compressed (immobilized), then imaged to locate the lumpectomy cavity and determine the size and position of the applicator to be used for delivering the radiation.

Step 2: Vertical Treatment

Radiation is delivered from above and below.

Step 3: Horizontal Treatment

The breast is immobilized in a different (horizontal) orientation, an image is taken to locate the lumpectomy cavity and to select the applicator size, then radiation is delivered from both horizontal directions.

Step 4: Overlapping Treatment

The dose builds up to the desired level in the tissue where the two treatments overlap; everywhere else receives a lower dose.