Early-Stage Breast Cancer Treatment Option Available In TX and AZ

AccuBoost announced the latest installations of their early-stage breast cancer treatment technology now available for women looking for a non-invasive option when choosing Breast Conservation Therapy in Texas and Arizona.

In Texas, AccuBoost installed their non-invasive breast cancer technology at Austin Cancer Center - Martin Luther King located in Austin, TX. 

In Arizona, the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona started treating patients with AccuBoost at their center located in Sedona, AZ.

Patients are currently being treated with the early-stage breast cancer treatment option at both of these centers. You can learn more about the non-invasive breast cancer treatment to see if AccuBoost is the right choice for you.

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I was able to maintain my normal life during treatment.

–Linda Schuk 

1st Patient treated using AccuBoost and 10-Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Early-stage breast cancer survivor