The Advantages of AccuBoost


The tried and true main-stream practice of whole breast irradiation (WBI) following lumpectomy has an excellent record that spans over 3 decades. The WBI procedure includes an all-important “boost” phase. The AccuBoost system is designed to target the boost dose scientifically and accurately with good quality control. The anticipated benefits of the AccuBoost are listed below:

  • Non-Invasive Radiation Delivery 
  • Conformal Radiation Field – The AccuBoost Applicators come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing your radiation oncologist to deliver a radiation field specifically for your needs.
  • Minimal Dose to Healthy Tissue – The shielded AccuBoost Applicators allows your doctor to deliver full dose to the target tissue while strongly  “blocking” dose to healthy tissue, heart, lungs and uninvolved breast tissue.
  • Uniform Radiation Field –  The geometry of the AccuBoost Applicators allows your treatment team to deliver a homogenous treatment with excellent center to edge uniformity.
  • Excellent Reliability and Reproducibility – The Applicators haver undergone extensive testing with excellent quality control to consistently and reliably deliver the dose.